"One of the great joys of life is creativity. Information goes in, gets shuffled about, and comes out in new and interesting ways."


Peter McWilliams

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About me


The DT Teacher is a website dedicated to the sharing resources and good practice.


I have been fortunate enough to have taught Design and Technology since 2001 and during this time I have built up a range of resources that have been used in my teaching.


In 2014 I began collaborating with many other Design and Technology teachers from around the world through social media and networking.


During this collaboration it became apparent that the resources that I produced were highly regarded and were being used in many other schools. However, the constant uploading of files became time consuming and it was difficult to keep up with the demand.


In 2015 I created the DT this website so that I could have a centralised place to upload resources and share with other DT professionals.


I hope that these resources will continue to contribute to the great teaching that is already happening in Design and Technology and you find them useful.


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Thank you


Chris Johnson

Head of Design and Technology

Eastern High School




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